• Facility Information
  • Physical Location

    6901 North Highway 83
    Crystal City, TX 78839

  • Contact Information

    Phone: 830-374-3444

    Fax: 830-374-3443


  • Prison Type

    Prison Type: Private Facility

    Security Level: medium

Crystal City Correctional Facility - Emerald is a private prison. In the United States private prison or for-profit prison is a third party facility that usually has a contract agreement with a government agency. Located in Crystal City Texas, Crystal City Correctional Facility - Emerald is associated with the private prison partnership. Theses companies are typically paid monthly or daily for the prisoners held in the facility or the space available in the facility. Violence is very prevalent in these institutions and they tenFd to provide less educational opportunity to inmates as well as fewer rehabilitation opportunity. The private facilities are very controversial in the US and play a part in the politics. Many people believe that there should be an end to private facilities due to the great amount of money spent by the government on the facilities. However, in some cases it is necessary for inmates to be incarcerated in private prisons because of the overpopulation of jails and prisons across the country. To search for an inmate at this facility inmate search.